Viewing OsciStudio output on a real oscilloscope


Hello everyone,

I wish to connect a real oscilloscope to the computer to see on it the result of my sound files from Blender/OsciStudio

Can somebody tell me please, how to connect a real oscilloscope to the preamp that is hooked to my audio card.
What cables I need to use, please?

I have KIKUSUI OSC 5041 (not sure if that one could work). It also has XY mode, but I have no idea how to set up the whole thing properly.

Thank you in advance for your lights.

All the best to you all


Hi, Check this link out. It is a group that all do osciloscopes and that sort of thing. see you there.



can you post a picture of the oscilloscope?

Buying the cables

if you have stereo mini jack (3.5mm) output you want these cables:

if you have double jack (6.3mm) output you want to use these cables:

now you end up with 2 bnc adapters which you can hook up to almost all oscilloscopes.

Connecting the oscilloscope

The most common type of oscilloscope has a knob labeled “ms/div” (milliseconds per division), and the left most position will be labeled “X/Y”. That’s the mode you want to use.

  • The right channel goes into the deflection input, usually the first channel. If you’re lucky there’s a small “Y” written nearby.
  • The left channel goes into the “ext. trigger”. This might also be written as just “ext”, or if you’re lucky there’s a small “X” nearby.

There are a few oscilloscopes specifically made to work in X/Y mode. In this case it’s simpler

  • The left channel goes into the X input
  • The right channel goes into the Y input


Awesome, thanks a lot for the link. See you there :slight_smile:


You’ve been very helpful. Thank you! I found the cable that works at home :slight_smile:
BNC adapters at local reseller.
After turning all the buttons like crazy, I finally could see the oscilloscope drawing figures on its screen.
Amazing! Felt in love.

That is funny, three days ago I saw someone on YouTube showing that oscilloscope can be used creatively for sound visualization.
I went to a local ebay-like platform immediately to see if someone is selling any oscilloscope. There was an auction ending within an hour. :smiley: I won it and here I am all in.

Thanks again for your help!


Photo 1 (as a new member, I am limited to one photo per post, so here we go)



Yet, I would like to ask, Is there on this forum or elsewhere a place that list all tools (apps, hardware and so) that helps create sounds and animations for oscilloscopes?



it’s a bit all over the place. there’s a list of some related software at the end of this page:

for discussions there are at least two places i know of and


Thanks a lot for your links. Very helpful.


Hi, Can you confirm this model works please ?
I don’t see XY fonction on it … only Vertical ??
Thanks a lot for your works



@qix did you figure it out?

if not, the subreddit might be a better place to ask (and please add another picture straight from the front showing the whole front panel)



huh. it’s beautiful, but far from normal :smiley: first things first:

i’m not sure this supports xy mode at all!
and not just me, there is some discussion here, and most people believe it’s a 1-channel scope (you need 2-channel for xy) see this post:

here is the manual in dutch:
page 10 in the pdf is the interesting one.

and here are nice pictures:

i can only guess dutch, if at all, it might work like this:

connect the left channel to BU1 (gnd) and BU2 (signal), and the right channel to BU3 (gnd) and BU4 (signal). Little warning: DO NOT CONFUSE GROUND AND SIGNAL!

then turn the switch R4 to “Sync”, move R3 and R5 to center position, and play around with SK2 and SK3. what do you get?


ps. sadly i believe it’s not going to work. i just noticed in your image it’s already in the “SYNC” setting, so you should get a dot and not a line if xy would work this way.


Yes, it’s sadly not work…
Thanks for your times