Watchmen Demo Reel & OsciStudio


Hi, I meant to post this a while ago…
Last year I worked on the TV series Watchmen as an animator (mainly on the reflective mask of the character Looking Glass). After the show finished, I was given the opportunity to create a demo reel for MARZ vfx, that illustrates some of the processes and how the CG mask was brought to life. Aside Blender and Maya, OsciStudio was my main software to build text and transition elements. It was really fun to experiment and freely produce images as I went along; and this is what I like best about OsciStudio: You’re never certain what comes out of it, but it always looks cool!

vimeo link:


the non-oscistudio stuff is so cool also, i love those breakdowns. thanks for posting and congrats to your work!


Thanks kritzikratzi!