What coordinate is the oscistudio camera in blender?


I want to match the blender camera up with oscistudio. Would it be possible to find out the coordinate of the oscistudio camera inside blender so I can line them up.


Camera in osci studio is straight down (i.e. positive z, pointing down toward origin.)

I believe it’s an orthographic view (i.e. no perspective,) so location doesn’t really matter. I’d put it at (0,0,10) and adjust for taste.

For convenience, if I’m doing a scene, I prefer to set the blender camera somewhere comfortable, then rotate the oscistudio scene to match.


Excellent thank you so much! In order to have more control though, I was thinking of putting the whole blender scene and parent it to an empty, and moving the empty, so the scene goes around the camera, and I can keyframe it.


If you want the feeling of moving a camera thru the scene, that is one approach (move scene, static camera.) Kinda clumsy sometimes, but that’s what I did for a few of my tracks and it worked out OK.

If you do get into using blender Animation Nodes, I’ve developed a method in AN that remaps the vertices visible in the camera onto a flat surface, so you can move the camera around normally in blender, while leaving the oscistudio camera in its default position.

There’s a node called ‘point in camera frustrum’ that allows this. It also allows you to use the variety of blender cameras, crops vertices that are out of frame, and solves for perspective, so it’s helpful. Kinda complicated, though, and depends on a foundation AN to use it.

I’m hoping to rewrite it as a python script for blender, to sidestep the need to use AN. Still WIP.


Oh man that sounds awesome! I’d love to be able to get to that point someday, but I just spent the day learning about animation nodes and what a BVH tree was and I’m like :exploding_head: Your oscilloscope lighting/ silhouette rig is crazy awesome but waaaaaay over my head.

I’m not much of a programmer, but understand basic concepts. I wish I was better at this! I just started learning blender in December, but I’m seriously thinking about backing off of the visual graphics stuff and getting into some programming because more and more it seems to be the missing link between what I want to achieve and achieving it.


you know… i’ve never bothered much, and i think i might have it exactly opposite of what i wanted.

this is how it is:

0/0 is in the center.
+x = left
-x = right
+y = up
-y = down
+z = into the screen away from you
-z = out of the screen towards you

if i’m not mistaken again, the last two should be flipped for a right-handed coordinate system,
but now i’m afraid to change it ever…