Blender 2.82 and Oscistudio - connection issues


OsciStudio Version: A5.5
Operating System: Win 10, 64bit

Following on conversation about blender 2.8, I (finally) did some more testing today and confirmed I’m having the same issue Pivetta mentioned in Oscistudio and Blender 2.8?

Here’s a brief video w details

Happy to do more testing. Let me know.


Did this issue ever get resolved? I’ve been searching this forum and the subreddit, but I haven’t been able to find a solution other than going back to an earlier version of blender.


To my knowledge, not yet resolved.

I’m using blender 2.79 for now (with Windows 10).


Unfortunate, but thanks for letting me know. I’ve got a similar setup on my mac.



Blender 2.83 seems to have resolved this issue. I downloaded and did a clean install of Blender 2.83 and re-ran this test, and send-animation is working correctly now.


hi @zippy731

thanks for your intensive research, i got your email.
i’m picking up work again on the 20th or 21st, and idk, i’m just putting
this to the top of the list now :slight_smile:

(currently busy with another project, but i wanted to finish up the next oscilloscope simulator version … that’ll have to wait now :slight_smile: )

best, hansi.


today is the day :slight_smile: hope i can find out some things…

I’m editing the post while going along, feel free to comment…

OsciStudio A5.5

Blender 2.79 + OsciStudio A5.5

Windows: Cyclic/Non-cyclic beziers are wrong and unfixable, everything else seems fine

Blender 2.80 + OsciStudio A5.5

Windows: Cyclic/Non-cyclic beziers are wrong and unfixable, send animation is a bit slow but works

Blender 2.81 + OsciStudio A5.5

Windows: Cyclic/Non-cyclic beziers are wrong and unfixable, send animation is a bit slow but works

Blender 2.82 + OsciStudio A6

not yet tested

Blender 2.83 + OsciStudio A6

not yet tested

OsciStudio A6

Blender 2.79 + OsciStudio A6

Windows: Cyclic/Non-cyclic beziers were wrong, everything else seems fine

Blender 2.80 + OsciStudio A6

Windows: Cyclic/Non-cyclic beziers were wrong, send animation is a bit slow but works

Blender 2.81 + OsciStudio A6

Windows: Cyclic/Non-cyclic beziers were wrong, send animation is a bit slow but works

Blender 2.82 + OsciStudio A6

not tested

Blender 2.83 + OsciStudio A6

Windows: Send animation/autosend was broken


Excited to see some of these changes! Recall that when I tested A6, my old potato graphics card was having trouble keeping up with A6’s upgraded preview scope graphics.

You had mentioned possibly putting in a toggle for fast/good graphics, hoping that still makes it into the next round of updates for A6.


@zippy731 you need a new graphics card… having a good preview is just wonderful! :slight_smile:

can you do two things for me:

  1. can you test “send animation” in the attached file for blender 2.8x? [download removed, see Blender 2.82 and Oscistudio - connection issues ]

  2. iirc you mentioned you have a 2.8x version of your vamp plugin. would you email that to me to test the interaction with the oscistudio plugin?

ps. performance is not really improving with complexity i have to admit. but yes, the next oscistudio and oscilloscope both have “analog” (upsampled to ~400khz) and “digital” (current samplerate) modes.

pps. work continues tomorrow!


Yes, I will test it, and will forward vamp 2.8x version to you.

And yes, new PC is on order but will be another month or so, they say, due to PC supply chain shortages.


Hey Hansi

That new .py file you attached above still doesn’t work.

I tested it with Oscistudio 5.5, in Blender 2.83, alone (i.e. NO Animation Nodes nor VAMP) and it does not send animation data to Oscistudio 5.5 correctly.

Initially, with a very simple spinning cube, send-animation does work.

However, if I add just a little complexity to the object (using subdivisions and a little mesh editing,) it quickly fails (silently,) and never works again during that session.

I set the vertex limit plenty high for the object, still no go.

I am able to get the whole thing working again if I turn off oscistudio, restart blender, and disable/re-enable the blender addon.

The fact that the error persists even after restarting blender and oscistudio is a strange failure mode, almost like it’s not flushing the blender or oscistudio memory properly.

BTW, I also emailed you the 2.8x version of the vamp addon, but I wasn’t using it just now for any of my testing. Was just doing basic blender-oscistudio connection.


EDIT: after some more testing, it really seems like the problems are centered on an oversensitivity to the number of vertices in the model.

I was testing a model in blender 2.83 with a single object and only 1000 vertices, and a simple 100 frame rotation animation. With this new connector, oscistudio can barely seem to render a single frame if I just update the mesh, but does so after waiting 20-30 seconds.

Sending animation did work, but is VERY slow. I sent the animation, and it locked oscistudio for a very long time. It eventually did finish, maybe 10 minutes later, and advised that it had sent ~ 10,000,000 bytes of data to oscistudio. (!)

Does it make sense that each frame would be 100kb of data? And even if so, should it take that long to send that data to oscistudio?

Once the data was transferred to oscistudio, the performance (in oscistudio) was nice and crisp, indicating that the problem really centers on the transmission of the data from blender to oscistudio.

I know a 1k vertex model is complex, but I know I’ve been able to send larger models to oscistudio using blender 2.79 and the old oscistudio client. Not sure if the new blender data model or python processor is different/less efficient, but it really feels sluggish now by comparison.



yea, 100kb is nothing. the heavy part is the path computation. but thanks for your feedback, i can reproduce what you describe partially and i’ll look into it some more!


another day, another try :smiley:

two things:

1.) i had an error i missed because of testing: if you load file, or simple press “file>new”, then the oscistudio client stops working. so banal, yet so hard to catch with how i tested.

2.) to me it seems A6 is vastly faster with the conversion. for my test cube (subdivide set to 17, ~1900 verts) i measure ~9 seconds for a single frame conversion in A5.5, while i get ~10 seconds to convert the entire 100 frame sequence in A6

anyways, can you test again and let me know how it goes? sorry for all the different versions

[download removed, see Blender 2.82 and Oscistudio - connection issues ]

ps. i have not yet tried how it behaves with your plugin


No problem, will look at it tonight.

Do you happen to have a version of A6 with the ‘potato graphics card’ option? If the problem is related to A5.5, I’m happy to test it with A6 but need the graphics card crutch… If so, email pls.


Pops & Clicks sending simple Blender animations to OsciStudio

not really. i have a wonky A6.5 build which i really don’t want to hand out because it would mess up your files.


OK, I did some more testing, taking into account your comments above about performance in 5.5.

New .py connector seems very solid with Blender 2.83, alone or in combination with Animation Nodes and/or my VAMP plugin. I was able to send animation in all tests, including re-sending animation several times in one session.

Very well behaved, feels like a winner!


Thanks a lot for all the testing. Updated plugnis are now included with all new OsciStudio downloads. For those who don’t want to download all of OsciStudio, here are only the plugins for both OsciStudio A5.5 and A6:

Blender 2.7x: (22.9 KB)

Blender 2.8x: (16.6 KB)

Install instructions

  1. Install and run Blender
  2. In Blender, choose File>User Preferences>Addons
  3. Click “Install Addon from file” and select
  4. The addon should now show up. Tick the checkbox next to “OsciStudio Client” and press “Save user settings” in the bottom left

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