Helios DAC support: Looking for testers


OsciStudio Version: A/
Operating System: MacOS Monterrey 12.6.5

With the new update, in the release notes, it says “Support for wicked laser devices and dongles connected via usb”. Would this include support for Helios DAC? I have a laser that I connect with Helios and with other apps it works. Is there any information about this?
Thanks for your attention



no, i had a helios dac at one point because i wanted to add support for it, but i cannot find it anymore :frowning:


Ok. Thanks for info.



fyi – i’ve just ordered another helios dac. it will take a bit until it arrives, and then a bit more until i added support for it. but i had helios supported planned already anyways, i guess this is a good occasion :slight_smile:

i will post updates about helios support here.


little update: the dac has arrived. the dac doesn’t do what i want yet, but i’m hoping to get it to work in the next days.


little update: the dac seems to work. sending you a version to test. please let me know if it works!

ps. if anybody else wants to test helios support please pm me!


I can’t find the PM button, but I’d sure like to try oscistudio on my Helios DAC :smiley:



click on my name, then “send message”.

either way, testing is already sortof done, i’ll publish very soon (had it planned for friday, but didn’t manage).

best, hansi.


Hehehe, maybe that button doesn’t work just after registering (it does now)
Great to hear the feature is near shipping, looking forward to its release :slight_smile:

Cheers, Patrick


you find the latest version in the download section now! OsciStudio A7.0.4 released


What awesome timing, just when I discovered oscistudio.
Thank you!