Helios DAC support


OsciStudio Version: A/
Operating System: MacOS Monterrey 12.6.5

With the new update, in the release notes, it says “Support for wicked laser devices and dongles connected via usb”. Would this include support for Helios DAC? I have a laser that I connect with Helios and with other apps it works. Is there any information about this?
Thanks for your attention



no, i had a helios dac at one point because i wanted to add support for it, but i cannot find it anymore :frowning:


Ok. Thanks for info.



fyi – i’ve just ordered another helios dac. it will take a bit until it arrives, and then a bit more until i added support for it. but i had helios supported planned already anyways, i guess this is a good occasion :slight_smile:

i will post updates about helios support here.


little update: the dac has arrived. the dac doesn’t do what i want yet, but i’m hoping to get it to work in the next days.