Testing the oscilloscope linux version



this file shouldn’t be included…

/home/rich/OF/apps/myApps/Oscilloscope/src/util/miniaudio.h:9841:33: error: ‘CLOCK_REALTIME’ was not declared in this scope
/home/rich/OF/apps/myApps/Oscilloscope/src/util/miniaudio.h:9847:13: error: ‘clock_gettime’ was not declared in this scope

and a ton of these. maybe the miniaudio library is not ready for raspi. maybe it’s just a bit of platform detection headers, maybe it’s something more funadmental… no clue tbh.

the thing is, once those are fixed new errors will show up. it doesn’t sound unfixable, but also not like something i want to get into at the moment.

maybe let’s just end this thread with the happy resolution that there is a clear and working build procedure for linux now :slight_smile:


I absolutely agree. :slight_smile: