Unable to Save/Record


Hi all,
New user here. Just downloaded Oscstudio A6 on a Mac running 10.14.6
Pressing Save or the Record button doesn’t do anything. No message, alert, nothing…

I installed on a different Mac running 10.13.6 and it works fine.

I’m guessing it’s some security feature with the newer OS? Any idea how I solve this?


Unable to Save/Save As/Save Next file to mac

oooh, it’s dawning on me…

the first time you click save/load it will ask you to “Allow OsciStudio to access SystemUIServer” or something like that. is it possible you just clicked deny?

Can you try this:
Open System settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation

Is OsciStudio in this list? If yes, can you make sure the box is ticked?


That fixed it. Thanks so much!