When do the updates come?


wanted to know if a date for the A6 is already fixed. Jeroboam Fenderson & Hansiraber great work … or fun?:grin:


I too would love for an update with new features. Specifically what I’m hoping for is Apple Silicon support, as part of the reason I’m scared to upgrade is losing compatibility with the software I use like oscistudio.

But that being said. I get the impression this has been a passion project for him.


Me too, love this software. The sequencer needs a few UI improvements.
A fresh library of objects and livecoding examples please.
Simpler Integration with DAWs.
Option to mix channels separately, not always just a single point on the screen.


highly likely this fall!


I only have M1 macs now, I’d really love to have this software, but it seems to be I won’t be able to use it until there is an Apple Silicon version available… o_O


Does it not work on Rosetta 2?

I don’t have an M processor myself to test but I figured it would


livecoding is broken on M1. i can’t promise release dates, but after longer covid break jerobeam and i have been working a lot on album and oscistudio this year. we’ll probably release it all together.


That’s AMAZING to hear!!! I can’t wait!


Sorry if this is a silly question, does OsciStudio work on PC?


There are no stupid questions!
Yes, runs on the PC and Mac (M1 only to a limited extent).

stay hungry
have fun


Great to know, thanks!!



thinks are moving forward, but like always a bit slower than i hoped for. thanks for the patience and also sorry to keep everyone waiting.

i have no time this week, but i will look into the flickering issue some users report, and also the M1 version, next week.
it will mean either an early release of the next version, or an update to the current version.

i will post updates here, so you should get an email if you have notifications on.